Stuffed Animal Sleepover Slideshow

Last Tuesday night was quite an adventure, as more than 20 stuffed animals slept over at the library. Of course, when you get over 20 stuffed animals together, there is bound to be some mischief. We were lucky that the stuffed animals allowed us to take pictures of what they did (although some pictures have been withheld at the request of a few of the participants).

Below is the link to the slideshow so that you can enjoy their night of fun at the library too!    🙂


Stuffed Animal Sleepover

On Tuesday, August 9 at 4:00pm, bring your stuffed animal to the library for a sleepover! Before the sleepover, friends of the stuffed animals are invited to attend the Stuffed Animal Sleepover Story Time, where they will listen to a story and be asked to sign permission slips in order for their stuffed animals to be able to stay over night at the library. We promise they will have fun!  If you cannot attend the story time but would still like your stuffed animal to participate in the sleepover, you may drop off the stuffed animal any time during the day. Registration is not required.

Stuffed animals can be picked up on Wednesday, August 10 between 10:00am-6:00pm. They will already have eaten breakfast. A slideshow featuring all the fun times that happened during the sleepover will be presented at the library on Friday, August 12 at 11:00am. A link will also be available to view the slideshow on YouTube for those unable to attend the slideshow.  Your stuffed animal will not want to miss out on this fun event!